The Achievement Beard

The Buzz

The Achievement Beard is the latest beard style buzzing around the internet coined by the New Yorker as a ‘victory lap after a job well done.’

A sign of status and prestige, the Achievement beard is generally hard to detect unless it’s worn by a celebrity.

The term came in to existence to describe the beards of TV show hosts Stephen Colbert, David Letterman and the Daily Show’s John Stewart following their retirement.

David Letterman with a white achievement beard


Additional Requirements

Achievement Beards are invariably grown from a clean shave. So it’s unsurprising that TV hosts have indirectly played their role in coining the phrase.

Presenters must present, and present well. Unfortunately, being well presented for TV has largely meant being fuzz free for most of the last century. This includes President-ing since we haven’t seen a President in the United States with facial hair since the 1913 (Television was introduced to the USA in 1928).

Is it here to stay?

Ultimately, the reason retired celebrities are growing beards are more likely due from victory naps than victory laps; clean shaven, some procrastination and voila.

For anyone whose style has been suppressed by the genres of their craft, the Achievement Beard could be considered a recompense. But for most, you don’t have to wait that long.

Perhaps the only difference between the Achievement Beard and a Retirement Beard is success.

Although, if you grow a beard before you reach any of these you may not have to worry.

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