Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard – Box Styles


 The Short Boxed Beard is a clean sculpted beard and a classy alternative to the full beard. The box style features whiskers below the cheeks, upper lip and chin. The defined borders and seamless sideburns in this style are a brilliant option for round faces or extra chins.

Difficulty: Moderate


  1. Beard dry.If you have over 15 mm of growth set your electric trimmer comb for between 5-10mm (shorter for dark hair, longer for blonde and red) and shave your entire beard. Less hair density will make styling easier over the difficult areas.
  2. Check your profile.Press down lightly on your chin with the arch of your palm to clearly see your jaw line
  3. Trim the margins.Clean shave 40mm above your jaw line between your moustache and side burns. If you can’t find your moustache line – smile. It will appear straight away. Don’t miss your cheeks. If you are using a razor check out our clean shave guide to prepare for this step.
  4. Mirror Repeat.Trim the other side of your face keeping the design symmetrical.
  5. Trim the collar.Clean shave 30 mm below your jaw and chin profile.
  6. Taper your collar (Optional)Tapering lowers the contrast of your beard. Halves are the rule. If you have 10mm of growth above, shave 5mm below the jaw line. Read all about tapering here.
  7. Symmetry Check.Look at your beard. Tailor and tighten the edges.
  8. Wash your face with cold water to tighten your pores.
  9. (optional) Apply a moisturising cream or after shave cream to your skin.

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