Macca Root Shaving Cream by the Body Shop

Macca Root CreamOut of the Box 

Moving away from the traditional sensibilities of the elite English shaving cream brands we have Macca Root from the Body Shop.

This cream contains a mild, nutty scent making it perfect for your morning shaves (think Macca root shave with a Cup of Joe).

Out of the box, the Macca Root tub is presented in a navy blue container. There is also a slightly glossy appearance to the cream when you load the brush.


Macca root is renowned in South America for its energy-giving and libido enhancing properties…

The Macca Root is a phenominal product. The cream peaks very quickly to a luscious soft meringue whether you’re bowl or face lathering – making it very good for beginners.

Another comforting fact is the Body Shop’s supportive approach to fair trade and animal welfare. This product contains both CommunityTrade brazil nut oil from Peru and Community Trade aloe vera gel.

Taking into account the natural ingredients in this product, avoid keeping the cap off when not in use to avoid yellowing.

Post shave, the cream leaves the skin thoroughly moisturised.  If you don’t ‘after-shave’ then the Macca Root could be a worthwhile option.

Macca Root Cream Closeup

The low-down.

Macca Root is good value at $19.95 for 200 grams.The pleasant yet mild scent makes is a particularly good choice if you’re using aftershaves or colognes with intense characteristics.

The Body Shop Macca Root Shaving cream is an outright performer producing lather of the highest order. Their  approach to natural, quality skin care products leaves Macca Root as a good reason to get your shave on.

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