Captain’s Choice Bay Rum review

How pleasant it is to wear a rum aftershave that doesn’t leave you smelling like a drunk buccaneer.

Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave is a traditional splash with a Caribbean aroma that will appeal to most.


Captains Choice is an interesting brand which has grown partly from close contact with the traditional shave community. Bay Rum is their love child.


Captains Choice Bay Rum’s first splash is a top note of citrus. Within moments, a sweet pepper emerges.

The final graduate? A recognisable strong base note of clove.

In the background, I noticed two budding peers – cinnamon and bay leaf.Bottle of Captain's Choice Bay Rum next to some coins and a ret pirate hat

Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Performance

This aftershave spreads well and provides a pleasantly light burn from the alcohol.

On the skin there is an interestingly slight stickiness to the product that goes away after a minute.

This Bay Rum leaves your skin feeling smooth four hours.

Packaging and Price

Captain’s Choice is packaged in a modest amber bottle and a solid black plastic cap.

Coming in at 4.0 oz (120ml) for $17.95 this is a fair price for a quality product.


  • Pure grain alcohol
  • Witch hazel
  • Rum
  • Essential oils and extracts
  • Glycerin.

In a Bubble, it’s the best bay rum aftershave.

This is a robust Bay Rum aftershave with a strong yet calming clove presence.

If you are looking for something different from the commercial aftershave heavyweights, Captain’s Choice Bay Rum will float your boat.


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