Backpacking Shave gear and hostel needed things

Backpacking Shave gear and hostel needed things

What are hostel needed things?

This is the question I was asked after my trip so I developed a backpacker list of things to take

Every gram counts as you travel, what do your list of hygiene items needs to be restricted to the travel essentials.

Ultralight Backpacking Gear List 

1. The Best Travel RazorRed Double Edge Razor

The Merkur Travel Razor is one of the best Bakelite razors around for backpacking. It’s super lightweight and durable coming in at 15g (61 grams lighter than the Merkur 34c). Moving away from steel not only reduces the weight on your back. The Merkur Bakelite is more resistant to damage caused by moisture and the weather.

2. Instant Immersion Water Heater
While travelling in foreign countries you need clean, warm water for your shave. This cheap device is priceless for your shave. Simply fill your shave mug up with water, place the element inside the water and you will have safe sterile boiling water.

3. Portable Mirror
So simple, but a portable mirror is a must have for travelling. Travelling across the world you will encounter sinks without mirrors, and in the wild you can forget it. Choose one with lights for an inevitable tent shave (Mirrors could save you in an SOS situation)

4. Synthetic Shaving Brush
A Synthetic Shaving brush does not require soaking prior to shaving. It dries quicker and is more durable than hair brushes.

5. Tube Shaving Cream
Yes, lathering up soap in a shaving bowl is lovely but the extra weight and the extra maintenance means that nothing can go past a tube of shaving cream for portability, weight and ease of use. Taylor’s of Old Bond Street Sandalwood is the perfect shave cream for this purpose, particularly if you shave in the evening.Tube of shaving cream

6. Feather Double Edge Razor Blades. Feather blades are a must have, they also come in a sturdy plastic container to survive those bumpy bus rides. In many countries you may not find DE Razors, we recommend investing in a 30 pack minimum.

7. AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit
A hanging toiletry kit could save you from insanity. With all the parts that go into a perfect shave this Toiletry Kit will keep your items organised. You need to have all your toiletries compartmentalised, in one bag.

8. SimplyBeautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Protective & Travel Case – For Merkur Razors
Your DE Razor is the most dangerous and valuable item in your kit. Look after it and yourself. At $8.80, it is a must have.

9. Alum Block
The Alum is great for clearing up nicks and scrapes from shaving and other adventures. It is small, cheap and also doubles as an antiperspirant.

10. Stay Fit

To look great, you need to stay fit. We recommend buying a suspension trainer also known as a TRX. This is a small strap device that can be placed in your backpack and used anywhere at anytime.

My experience

Travelling for the last 7 months in Central and South America, I have discovered how much organisation and weight matters for backpacking and hostel needs. Try to remember to dry your razors after a shave because they will be more prone to corrosion in your bag. Be cautious of barber shaves with unhealthy hygiene habits. Safe Travels!

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