10 Of The Greatest Shaving Scenes In Cinema

10 Of The Greatest Shaving Scenes In Cinema

Cinema has unveiled the art of shaving from its very early days. The tension building from a relaxing shave has often led to an arterial evacuation on screen.

Yet, when Stubble Bubble examined the history of shaving in movies, we noticed moments are as diverse as they are memorable.

1. The Great Dictator – Chaplin’s 15c Shave.

From Chaplin’s most commercially successful film, this charming scene was completed in one shot.

2. Skyfall – Moneypenny shaves James Bond

This scene caused straight razor sales to increase by 405% in 5 days. Such is the power of Bond.

3.The Graduate – Benjamin getting grilled by his Mum

Director Mike Nichols builds up the tensions brilliantly in this scene. Benjamin is intimate with one of his parent’s friends (The ageing alcoholic Mrs Robinson). His mum? Suspicious.

4. Dances with Wolves – A Close Shave With The Locals.

Lieutenant Dunbar’s shave is interrupted by the local Sioux Tribe.

5. The Talented Mr Ripley – Dickie’s Rings

Ripley’s plans are unravelling, and his post shave routine is looking dangerous (right hand, right pocket)

6. Full Metal Jacket – Opening Scene

An electric shave scene. Stanley Kubrick unveils one of the themes of Full Metal Jacket as personal identity is stripped away from recruits stroke by stroke, shot by shot.

7. Sweeney Todd – Epiphany ‘I want you bleeders’

Depp’s musical debut. There are many shave scenes in this film, but this was our pick.

8. Blade of Glory – The Final Skate

Will Ferrel is shaved with an ice skate (extreme CGI close up)

9. The Color Purple

Steven Spielberg’s film was nominated for 14 Oscars and took home none.

We can’t show you the shaving scene  however we recommend you watch every minute of this very important film.

Listen out for the line ‘ you cut me, i’ll kill you’ and look out for Oprah Winfrey who pulls off an impressive performance.

10. Band of Brothers – ‘Kommen sie here’

From the acclaimed tv series. A winter shave from an ammunition case, in the heart of Nazi-occupied territory.


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