ASMR Shaving – what is it and where can I get it

ASMR Shaving – what is it and where can I get it

Most of us have experienced an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

The term refers to a tingling sensation aka ‘brain orgasms’ that spread through the scalp and neck from soothing sounds.

ASMR You Tuber’s aim to tease or relax viewers with tapping, crinkling, rubbing friction and personal attention whispers. Almost every happening in our world can be transcribed into an ASMR experience from an ASMR wedding planner role play to a similarly frightening ASMR kidnapping.

Stubble Bubble spoke to some of the most popular ASMR Shaving You tubers.

“I listen to ASMR videos about 8 nights out of 10, to help fall asleep mostly,” says Woody from Made in France ASMR.  “Without listening to ASMR videos it can last 2 hours until I fall asleep.”

“To me ASMR means more than the tingly sensation, but also relaxation, sleep AID and moral help sometimes. It’s the viewer who chooses their aim from watching an ASMR video. ASMR is like an aspirin that can cure many different pains but we take it for one pain at a time.”

Man with Glasses

Massimo the ASMR Barber

Massimo, the ASMR Barber creates ASMR shave videos from barbershops across the world. He mentions not all triggers work for everyone. “My ASMR is mainly focused on shave and massage, I am not really attracted by what is the ASMR core – the whisperers.”

“I think that lots of people feel ASMR the sensation, just they do not know its name.”

The Top Ten ASMR Shaves Videos

1.Mens Shave ASMR

A friendly shave from a booming ASMR channel Relaxing Whispers

2. Turkish barber shave and haircut straight razor and fire

An authentic Turkish barbershop shave from the ASMR Barber

3. Men’s Haircut and Safety Razor Shave

VeniVidiVulpes completes a haircut and shaving role play targeting her ‘wonderful male viewers’ at over 2,000,000 views.

4.World’s Greatest Head Massage 8

Baba performs a phenomenal shave with an unusual head massage involving a mild exorcism.


A polite shaving role play from the United Kingdom.

6. The Great Shave an ASMR Barbershop Role Play

A marathon shave going for over an hour!

7. Shaving Cream – No Talking

Made In France ASMR  the gloves are off for this video. Not for the squeamish

8. ASMR *3D* Shaving Your Beard | Fairy Char’s Salon

A very popular ASMR star. Watch out for a towel throw.

9. Korean ASMR Shaving Roleplay

Bathroom shaving role play from Korea (South)


Lloyd’s different

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